Terms & Conditions

Dear Valued Customer

Our technicians fix computers everyday and we are very aware of the realities of computer repair. JVSCC.com (JVS Computer Consultants) fix computers for both business and home users. This is made to inform you, as a Home/Business User, of the realities of computer repair so that our technicians can provide you with the best possible service. Please read these few pages carefully and don’t hesitate to us if you are unsure about anything. 

Home User

A Home User is a person who uses their computer for personal use. This means that you do not have any work or business related files on your computer. If you have one or two business related files on your computer, we will still be happy to fix it for you, but you acknowledge that we do not take any responsibility for any consequential loss that may arise out of damage or destruction of those files which may occur, despite our best efforts. 

Business User

A Business User is a person who uses their computer for business whether it’s at home or in an office. This means that you have business related files on your computer. While we always try our hardest to avoid it, JVSCC.com (JVS Computer Consultants) does not take responsibility for any consequential loss which may arise out of damage or destruction of those files which may occur, despite our best efforts. 


Computers are complicated machines and with anything complex, things can go wrong. No matter how much care our technicians take when fixing your computer. There is a chance that something unexpected can happen resulting in the loss of information (data) or damage the hardware. This is especially true if your computer is in a precarious state at first. Our technicians routine measures to ensure that:
1. You do not have any valuable data and,
2. You are aware of the choices available to you if there is a chance you will lose the data contained on your computer.

Essentially, there are two types of problems with computers
1. Those that originate as a result of faulty hardware; and 
2.Those that originate as a result of a software problem.


Problems originating from faults within the physical structure of a computer are usually more serious than those created by software errors. If something has gone wrong with your computer’s hardware, then the defective part will most likely need to be replaced. If the defective part (such as a hard drive, CD or Floppy Disk) contains data, then there is a high probability that this data has been lost and cannot be recovered. In certain cases, where it may be possible to resurrect your data, and you would like us to try and save it, we may need to take your computer back to our base in order to try and retrieve it. Please remember that because hardware faults (especially hard drive faults) are potentially the most dangerous to your data, our technicians make no guarantee that they will be able to recover your lost data.


If your problem has arisen as a result of software errors, our technicians always recommend that you perform a backup of all your important data before any fix is attempted. As with hardware, in some cases it is possible that data has been corrupted to the extent that it has been lost. Software errors are usually only a concern for our technicians if important system data such as files that the operating system uses in order to operate has been affected. To use the analogy of a boat, if the hull is seriously damaged then it may need to be rebuilt, or if there is only a small leak then it can be repaired. Some cases require a fresh start (an event called a “format”) in order for us to leave you with a stable and working computer. 
If a format is required, then our technicians will need you to supply them with the installation disks for your operating system (Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Apple Macintosh etc.) along with its product key. In addition, if there is any other software or devices that you would like our technicians to install in the event of a format, then you will need to provide us with the appropriate installation and product registration keys. JVSCC.com (JVS Computer Consultants) can only use original purchased software and / or registration keys.
Trademarks, Service Names, Service Marks, and other Intellectual Property You are not authorized to use our trademarks, name, or any aspect of our various elements of intellectual property in any manner, including advertising, publicity or any commercial or non-commercial nature without our express written consent.

Right to Refuse, Suspend or Terminate Service

We reserve the right to refuse, terminate, or suspend service to any user for any reason we deem, in our sole discretion, to do so, without any prior notice. Typically, we will suspend, terminate or refuse service if we determine that a user is using a computer system in an improper or illegal manner, providing indecent or obscene content, violating the rights of privacy or publicity, violating the civil rights of others, conducting actions that defame a third party or entity, are publishing "hate" or intolerant material, or are threatening or harassing others. However, we may also suspend, refuse, or terminate service for any reason that we, in our sole discretion, consider appropriate to do so. 


1. I understand the information provided above and I am aware of the potential loss of data or damage to hardware or software that may occur as a result of my computer being repaired.
2. I acknowledge and agree that JVSCC.com (JVS Computer Consultants) rely on information I have provided them in repairing my computer. I acknowledge that JVSCC.com (JVS Computer Consultants) will accept no liability for any loss or damage to my computer (including hardware or software) which arises out of incorrect or incomplete information provided by me.
3. I acknowledge and agree that JVSCC.com (JVS Computer Consultants) will perform the computer repair services with due care and skill, but further acknowledge that the liability of JVSCC.com (JVS Computer Consultants) for any loss or damage to my computer (including hardware and software) however caused, is limited to supplying the service again.